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After a devastating loss, Jamie Shire accepts a mysterious live-in job with an equally mysterious employer in the wine country of northern California. At Fallow Springs Estate, Jamie struggles to understand what her employer, Akasha Duvall wants of her and who Akasha really is. As secret after secret unravels within Fallow Springs, Jamie discovers healing by addressing the suffering of others.


Beneath an African sky, among the Darfuri people, whose land and loved ones have been violently ripped away, Jamie finds the strength to reclaim her life and the courage to step forward into her greatest passion. Suspenseful, heartbreaking, inspiring, and deeply moving, Out of the Shadows both surprises and satisfies, vividly immersing the reader in wrenching, yet uplifting human experience that takes place in worlds apart.

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"Even today, we can discover real-life characters like the men we've met within Hemingway's prose -- men with unassuming courage who build communities and nations with their hard labor, fierce loyalty, love of family and friends, and deep souls searching for those things found beyond the seen and unsaid. Carlson Aesara points us toward these men, and one in particular, in a story that leaves much for the reader to discover between the subtleties. There are heartbreaking losses, deep love shared between friends -- and quite obviously siblings -- and also heroes we discover that could easily be missed in a contemporary life that is easily blinded to such. A story, and characters, to ponder long after the last word." Cindy Martinusen Coloma

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