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"Write What Should not Be Forgotten."

Isabel Allende

I work with writers in a variety of ways. No writer comes with the same story, or the same needs. My talents lie in helping writers clear their thoughts, find their story. Many writers need skills to establish goals and dedication, and Kimberly can help. 

Kimberly can help you with....

  • Editing

  • Discovering your story

  • Strategizing to keep you writing


Book a session online or email Kimberly. Contact her for pricing information.

Pile Of Books

When I hit a point in a long period of writing when I couldn’t move forward, when I believed every word had been spent, I met Kimberly. She calmly and patiently listened to my concerns and helped me find where I was blocked. Her editing advice was well placed, finely tuned, and always clarifying. I will forever thank her for assisting me in finishing a project that was very important to me.”  

Dana Kennedy Silberstein

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