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A Writer’s Success Requires More than Manifesting and Dreaming

Do you dream your articles and books were read by thousands, even millions? Do you wish you felt secure enough to lose your “day job” and write full-time? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your stories and books were made into the next blockbuster movie or Netflix series?

Maybe it’s time to take your dreams a step further and manifest them.

As writers, you do want to be read. You want your words to be impactful. You hope to make a difference, or a change in someone, or ease a broken heart. You want to reap benefits from the hard work, whether it is a paycheck or a contract for a book deal.

Dreaming and manifesting, two spoons of thought in the same head.

Though manifesting probably has been around close to forever, recently it has gained traction. Influencer, Oprah talks about it on her shows and platforms. Philosopher, Eckart Tolle writes about it. Recently I heard actor, Jennifer Aniston explain how she uses it to get what she desires.

Manifesting is thinking about something as it has already happened. The idea is that your brain will perform as if what you desire has already come to you. This is what makes it appear in your life. The energy in your thoughts creates the desired outcome. You can manifest a book deal. You can manifest your story being sold to some producer in Hollywood.

All you have to do is create in your brain the idea that it has already happened.

New York Times Bestseller Gabby Bernstein in her Spiritually Aligned Manifesting Challenge instructs how to manifest.

1. First, think about your desire. Picture it clearly, dream about it openly. Then use your positive thoughts to inspire you as you go about your day. You CAN think your way into a better reality, if you … 2. Feel it. Feeling your way to your desired state is a MAJOR part of manifesting, and we’ll practice that throughout the Manifesting Challenge. 3. Finally, from the inspired state you’ve felt your way into, take action on your desires!

Sounds easy. But why isn’t everyone doing it?

And didn’t I spend my childhood manifesting? When I was young, I’d daydream walking into a bookstore and seeing my books displayed.

The organized path is the difference between dreams and manifestation.

The difference between dreams and manifestations is subtle but powerful.

When you manifest, your brain outlines the path to get you where you want to be.

I want to bring some income in for writing. I hire editors. I attend retreats. I read books. I write.

The point is I didn’t just lie in a hammock and dream about writing and being successful. With manifesting, the vision, the dream is there, but also the work, and the steps to get there. I wake up and work toward this daily.

And still, the manifested agent hasn’t appeared. The royalty check hasn’t been signed.

Sometimes, I want to scream when I am told to manifest. Another thing I have done wrong. Another aspect of my life where I have screwed up and missed the mark. How do they manifest and get it right? Am I supposed to sit while manifesting? Write in a pink journal with a purple pen.

Lady Luck is more powerful than either manifesting or dreaming.

People don’t write about fallen dreams or create social media reels about all the manifesting and dreaming they have done to receive zilch. After all, we want to read and view successful people or listen to ideas that confirm our own.

No one likes to talk about luck.

Is there a little or huge element of luck in what gets published and what doesn’t? What becomes successful and what doesn’t? Who is asked to be Reese’s next book club pick?

I believe there is.

And yet, we can’t monetize luck.

Living the writing life you create.

In most ways, I live an amazing life and the life I desire. I am proud of my books, and my manuscripts that are in process.

Did my life with my degree in English that enables me to teach a couple of classes at the college, my children, my home, even being single — did I dream all this into being?

Was it luck that I live in a home with great lighting, birds, and deer? This environment nourishes my creativity daily.

I wake up and write. I often write all day when I don’t teach. Sometimes, I work in the evenings when my daughter is at her dad’s.

And I still dream of being on Oprah and on Reese Witherspoon’s book list.

I manifest stopping at the mailbox, placing the key in, opening the door, and pulling out a royalty check with a NY return address. (And as I write this I again question if I manifested faulty because I didn’t manifest the exact publishing company. Is it from Random? or Hatchet?)

And you, have you created the writing life that you desire? Maybe not exactly, but close, and are often surprised at the quality of readers you didn’t manifest but met through your hard work?

I am interested in all of you who have dreamed, and who are still writing and reaping the benefits of being a writer.

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